MUSA Isla Mujeres


The 10 things to do in Isla Mujeres

 Scuba diving at the MUSA Underwater Museum of Art is something to do on the list, more than 400 life-size sculptures that will create artificial reefs intended to be inhabited by marine life. Through his underwater sculptures, Jason DeCaires Taylor, the creator of him, explores the interrelationship between modern art, man and the environment.

The first 3 sculptures were installed in November 2009 and have had significant success, generating interest from tourists and showing immediate exponential coral growth on the reefs of Isla Mujeres.

Thus becoming one of the largest and most ambitious artificial underwater attractions in the underwater world

To be able to immerse yourself in this wonderful underwater museum you can hire the diving service in Cancun from beginners to advanced with Deep Life Divers. The costs range from $ 65usd to $ 90usd depending on the diving package you get

The MUSA underwater museum is submerged in the southern part of Isla Mujeres at an average depth of 12 meters and is suitable for visiting it while diving or simply snorkeling.

Visibility on this reef near Isla Mujeres is almost always more than 10 meters at an average depth of 12 meters and the temperature is warm at 23º degrees depending on the month of the year. During the cold season, which is from Dec to Feb, it does not drop below 20º Celsius.

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