Dive with Deep life Divers in the Cenotes of the Riviera Maya and explore its depths. Cenote diving is for everyone, whether you are an expert and like depth or just a shallow but decorated cenote. Diving in Cenotes requires you to be PADI Open Water certified.

Cenote is a term that is only used in Mexico and that comes from the Mayan word “dzonot”, which means “abyss”; These are wells, caverns and caves filled with fresh water, created after the ice age by the erosion of limestone, a soft and porous stone that allowed water to seep through melt when sea level rose thousands of years ago.


The cenotes are semi-open in which the light show entering through the holes in the ceiling is really incredible during diving.

In many of them we find underwater stalactites and stalagmites and in some cases with incredible cavern cup formations.

CAVERN DIVING (Open Water Divers)

These dives are simple, special for recreational divers, from the lowest level of open water to Advanced. With all of us we dive the Caverns, that is, the entrances to the cave, the cenote dives vary from 30 feet or 10 meters to 50 meters deep or 150 feet Within the most spectacular sites for CAVERN DIVING of incomparable beauty, sites amazing are:

-Cenotes Area Puerto Aventuras

Chikin Ha Cenote: Halocline and light entrances, Basic Level

Cenote Taj Maha, Definitely unique, light entrances, air domes, Intermediate level

Chac mool cenote, air domes, incredible light entrances. Basic level

Cenotes of the Tulum Area

Cenote Two eyes; The Bati cave is spectacular. Basic to Intermediate Level

Cenote El Pit. Advanced diving to a depth of 100 feet

The Grand Cenote full of stalactites, basic level

Cenote Angelita: spectacular acid cloud, Unique in the world, Advanced level

Cenote Car Wash, unique light games advanced level

Cenote Pet cemetery: Advanced level

Cenote Minotauro, Advanced level

Cenotes of Puerto Morelos Area (Advanced Level)

Cenote Hell Bells Advanced level

Cenote Zapote Advanced level

Cenote Maria Mia Advanced level