Dive with the Bull Shark at a depth of 25 meters

Diving with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen is the last frontier of adventure diving for certified divers

The great bull shark diving season in Riviera Maya begins December and ends in March

Impressively, female bull sharks require warm water to give birth, they choose the Mexican Caribbean to carry it out. And the time that nature chooses for her babies to be born is between December and March. This is bull shark season in Playa del Carmen. Are you ready to dive with bull sharks in Cancun and Playa del Carmen? Well remember that it must be certified in open water. Whether you are a PADI or any other international diving agency, you can do this fascinating underwater activity mainly in Playa del Carmen.

Bull Shark in Playa del Carmen

Diving with bull sharks is at a depth of 20 meters

As long as you have your PADI or any other certification, you are ready to explore the underwater world of bull sharks. Remember that these animals weigh about 250 kg. Since they prefer to be at greater depths, you will find bull sharks floating about 20 meters right in front of your nose. And for your good luck, you will be able to interact with these imposing sea creatures without interrupting their environment.

Bull Sharks Deep Life Divers

Diving with these beautiful sharks is only in the season that ends in March and begins in mid-November, which is the winter time in the Riviera Maya. Observing these incredible sharks only requires taking a boat just 5 minutes from the beach of Playa del Carmen

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